Wellness Journal (Bread Crumbs Journal)

12-Week Activity and Meal Journal to help you live Healthy and Happy

It's a little-known fact that I have been journaling since middle school. It was my secret way to deal with my family's medical challenges and financial stress. When I felt that so much was out of my control, journaling was my escape and my roadmap to finding peace and balance at a young age.

Fast forward to today, journaling is STILL something I practice both personally and professionally. I cannot recall one goal in my life that I have not written down first because writing keeps me focused by serving as a command to my mind and body to "get in line" to achieve my goal(s).

You may be wondering why I called this journal "Breadcrumbs." Years back, when I started my wellness journey, I was pretty excited about what I was discovering. I was eager to set and accomplish my goals, and I documented everything along the way!

And then, one day, it felt like the fire went out as quickly as it began.

I struggled to make healthful choices, and I lacked motivation to the point where I felt lost and didn't know how to get going again.

My journal saved me. Revisiting the old workouts I did, the foods I ate and even the goals I set, reminded me of why I was doing this - for my longterm health! This lifted my spirit and got me going again!

So, let this journal do two things:

(1) serve as a reminder of how far you've come, so you START or continue celebrating your wins; and

(2) be the "breadcrumbs." You need to find your way back to passion if and when you need it.

Whether you're trying to become a more mindful eater or you want to be better at tracking your eating and activity habits, this journal is for you. 

Give it 12 weeks and watch how you feel!


Now, write your wellness story!

Journal Includes:

  • 12 Mantra/Affirmation Pages to set your intention for each week to encourage living on purpose  
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping List
  • Daily Mindful Eating Tracker to build awareness of eating habits
  • Daily Activity Tracker to keep track of how you're staying physically active
  • Bi-Weekly Quotes to inspire you along the way


Wellness Journal (Bread Crumbs Journal)